Cobra BiO Cell &BiO Cell+ Drivers

by Nate Lammers on November 5, 2013

In March 2010, Cobra was acquired from Acushnet by Puma with the goal of revamping the golf industry.  Cobra’s focus was loud colors, bright personalities and great golf equipment for a more hip, and young generation. One The first driver releases by Cobra/Puma golf was the ZL Encore, a club that help golfers achieve greater distance from high flight, and low Spin.  The ZL has great looks and adjustability to go with its great performance. These qualities allowed the club to flourish in the market.  The ZL was then replaced with the AMP and AMP Cell drivers which have done well, but ZL still maintained a place in fitting.  With that being said, Cobra is now introducing the BiO Cell and BiO Cell+.  The Bio Cell drivers are the perfect blend of the highly adjustable AMP Cell and the high performing ZL Encore – a beast is born.

The standard BiO Cell is a 460cc head paired with the Project X PX velocity shaft at 45.75″ long.  The new BiO cell is available in the following colors, Orange, Silver, Red, Blue and Black. These are the same colors as AMP Cell but with the addition of a gloss black.  Equipped with MyFly8 technology, BiO cell has eight adjustable lofts ranging from 9 to 12 degrees. The eight adjustable settings include 9.5 draw, 10.5 draw, and 11.5 draw to combat a left to right or fade ball flight.  MyFly technology was first seen from Cobra in the AMP Cell, and AMP Cell Pro, but with only six adjustments.  SmartPad technology another characteristic shared with the AMP Cell and BiO cell drivers, helps square the face at address regardless of the loft setting chosen.  The BiO Cells combined with Cobra’s E9 face technology removes weight from the face and repositions it low and back to heighten MOI.  This provides a larger more effective Sweet Zone, delivering greater ball speeds on miss hits for better distance.

The BiO Cell+ is a 440cc head and is equipped with the Matrix Ozik Red Tie 6Q3 shaft at 45.25″ (a half inch shorter than standard BiO Cell).  All the custom colors from standard BiO Cell are also available in the BiO Cell+.  One of the differing features of the BiO Cell+ is its ULTRALITE T.O.P (Thin, Optimized, Personalized) Venollum alloy crown which reduces weight vs. traditional Titanium drivers to deliver 50% lower CG (center of gravity).  The lower CG provides a high ball flight with less back spin for potentially longer distance.  Shared features of the drivers are the MyFly8 and Forged E9 BiO Cell face technologies.  The MyFly8 only differs in its choice of lofts ranging from 8-11 degrees with 8.5 draw, 9.5 draw, and 10.5 draw settings.

BiO Cell and BiO Cell+ drivers were tested against AMP Cell and AMP Cell Pro in our Cluboratory on the TRACKMAN launch monitor.  BiO Cell and Amp Cell were tested at 9.5degrees and BiO Cell+ and AMP Cell Pro were tested at 8 degrees. Here are the results:

AMP Cell vs. BiO Cell: conducted by Frank McAuliffe IV

Club Speed Ball Speed Ln. Angle Spin Rate Smash Ft. Carry Dist. Total Dist.
AMP Cell 111.5 mph 166.9 mph 12.6 deg 2888 rpm 1.50 278.4 yd. 297.6 yd.
BiO Cell 113.8 mph 170.4 mph 10.9 2842 rpm 1.50 279.6 yd. 302.8 yd

AMP Cell Pro vs. BiO Cell+: conducted by Nate Lammers

Club Speed Ball Speed Ln. Angle Spin Rate Smash Ft. Carry Dist. Total Dist.
AMP Pro 110.6 mph 163.36 mph 12.6 deg 2654 rpm 1.48 276.1 yd. 303.6 yd.
BiO Cell+ 111.0 mph 164.85 mph 12.8 deg 2264 rpm 1.49 282.03 yd. 308.96 yd.

*Note that results are dependent on player and total distance is based on PGA tour fairways

According to the data collected BiO Cell launches lower and with a slightly lower spin rate than AMP cell.  Efficiency was comparable between drivers, but with the Project PX velocity shaft in the BiO Cell clubhead speeds tend to be quicker.  With the greater potential speed in BiO Cell there is a good chance of achieving a better distance.  BiO Cell+ launches similar to AMP Cell Pro, but with a substantial change in spin rate and greater efficiency. With these qualities BiO Cell+ can be set at a higher loft to help achieve maximum distance.

AMP Cell vs. BiO Cell and Amp Cell Pro vs. BiO Cell+

●      BiO Cell & Cell+ Drivers have greater potential ball speeds

●      Produce lower spin

●      Provide more adjustability and offer greater custom color selection

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