The Kendall Academy – Ann Arbor is a Full-Service Teaching Facility offering:

Private Lessons – Private lessons are available for 1 or 2 people and include video analysis using V1 Pro Video Analysis Software and a TrackMan Ball Flight Monitor along with hands on teaching methods from some of the best instructors in the MidWest.

Schools & Camps for Beginners, Intermediates and Juniors – Schools and Camps are available throughout the golf season.

Practice Club – Open to men and women, the Practice Club features instruction by Sandy Wagner, EMU Women’s Golf Coach and former LPGA Teaching Professional in a relaxed environment.

Special Offerings

TPITPI Fitness Evaluation – $150
During a TPI session you will receive a personalized physical analysis, a golf swing analysis and your first eighteen fitness sessions exclusively formatted for you. These sessions are easily done in the comfort of your own home or with a recommended physical trainer. The body is the foundation of the golf swing. Any limitations in the mobility or stability of a person’s body will compromise his or her golf swing. Fitness is also a great confidence builder and feeling good over the ball produces better results on the course.

High School Golf Teams – $75/hr per instructor per team
The Kendall Academy would like to offer high school golf teams the chance to have group instruction during their teams’ practice sessions. So instead of purchasing range balls and practicing on their own, high school teams can request that the Academy provide INSTRUCTION during their practice time. Please schedule in advance so the instructor may clear his or her book for that length of time.

Custom Groups / Corporate Outings / Special Formats
$150 per instructor per hour. Limited to six students per instructor.

This is a special format for customized group instruction. For example, representatives of various companies have chosen this format to entertain clients or to reward employees. The Academy encourages you to be as creative as possible and hopes to be able to meet your instruction needs.