Hi Connor,
I had my fitting today with Luke. He did a great job understanding what I was looking for, primarily to get away from the draw bias of my Stealth.  He dialed me in on the Paradym and then showed me what a similar set-up in the TSr2 could do. I was occasionally hitting my miss, a snap hook, and the TSr2 managed that miss much better than the Paradym.
I just wanted to give you some feedback on how much I appreciated Luke listening to me about what I was looking for, and his offering up solutions.
Thank you for setting up the fitting for me. I am so glad I didn’t just try out and order the Paradym.  It is a great club and I hit some fade shot shapes that I loved. But, the control of the TSr2, balanced with some workability, is going to best help my game.
Thanks again,

I brought my two sons in Monday September 19th. I can’t say enough about Joe who helped them with their fitting and help with selecting new clubs. He was patient and knowledgeable. He did a great job, I’ll refer Miles of Golf Ann Arbor to everyone and tell them to ask for Joe Thx for the assistance.  Phil

I just completed a driver fitting with Sean Sommerville. I wanted you to know what an outstanding job Sean did. He was extremely patient and offered me NUMEROUS options across a few different manufacturers as well as several options within the TaylorMade Stealth line that we focused on toward the end resulting in a good fit. He was very knowledgeable about the equipment and he even made some swing observations which helped me considerably. Thank you for a great experience, Sean!

Regards, Roger Moore
Canton, MI

Hello Shawn.  I know I’ll be back there on Friday but I just wanted to thank you for the session this morning.  My wife asked me how it went and my answer was a very definitive “great”.  The feedback you provided is/was EXACTLY what I was hoping for, and I greatly appreciate your candor, honesty, and input.  I greatly look forward to continuing the session on Friday.I also have a few more questions for you but I’ll save those for face to face on Friday.  Shawn, again, thank you so much.  This is the input and professional advice I needed to have and I greatly appreciate it.  Again, look forward to Friday.  Have a great day and thanks again.

Jim Joseph

I had a fitting this weekend and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Patrick.   I did two fitting one for my irons and one for new woods. Patrick must’ve had me try 12-15 different types and configurations of irons before we narrowed it down to the King Cobra.
I was so pleased with my iron fitting, I couldn’t wait to come back for my wood fitting. Again, Patrick had me try several different types of drivers.  After comparing the data, we found that my drive was performing the same as a new driver.   Patrick never tried to push me in to a new driver he even suggested that I stay with my current driver. We then did the same fitting for a 3 wood and found a great match for me.
I just wanted to say thank you and to say how pleased I am with all the time that Patrick spent helping me out. Now I can’t wait for my new clubs to come in.
Thank you again, Jason Scott

Just wanted to reach out and extend my gratitude to Jacob who fitted me for some irons today. I was able to make an appointment with him again next week for driver fitting. He kept things professional yet casual and made me feel comfortable during my experience.  I felt well taken care of and just wanted to let someone know.
Best, Mike Trombley

Nate and all,
I appreciate all the work and help you provided me during my fitting.  I’m extremely pleased with the Forged Tech clubs and Project x graphite shafts you put me into.  Great experience and a very satisfactory result.  Just what I needed as old age moves me from stiff, heavy shafts to light and to clubs with such a good feeling, distance, and forgiveness.  You might find it interesting that all the club biases I came to the fitting with evaporated as I tried the numerous club and shaft combinations.  And my final selection hadn’t even been considered before we started. Many thanks.  I know where to go next time I need a fitting.
Best regards and happy holidays,
Mike Edington


Got fitted for clubs at Miles of Golf, was an awesome experience and working with Luke Nesbitt was great he was very knowledgeable and never tried to up sell me on any equipment. He did a great job of explaining the numbers we were trying to reach and once we found the right brand of club than we started tinkering with options to maximize the club. I highly recommend anyone looking to get fitted to go there, they are pretty booked for a few weeks out so if you’re thinking of doing it at least schedule the appointment. I ended up buying Titleist T300 irons stiff with each shaft being a 1/2 inch longer, also ended up with a Sim Max 2 driver and 5 wood. Really happy with what we choose and excited for them to be delivered. Thanks Luke and Miles of Golf.Daniel Daubenmeyer


This just a short email to tell you how satisfied I am with the work you put in to make my selection of new clubs an easy process.
You were thorough. You were precise. You were encouraging. You were comprehensive. You were specific. You were reassuring. And most of all you were supportive. You were not the least bit judgmental about anything concerning my swing.
I appreciate all of that.As I said during my iron fitting it was my first time ever at Miles of Golf. Today was the second time and it will not be the last..Thanks again for everything. I am excited, happy, and looking forward to using the new metals and irons.I will recommend Miles of Golf to anyone that asks me about anything golf related.The best is yet to come.Otto

Good morning,

I wanted to send at quick note of gratitude to Sean! I came in to Miles of Golf, Ann Arbor yesterday to be fitted with a new set of clubs. He was beyond knowledgeable and helpful through the entire process. We appreciated his friendly demeanor and providing a few tips along the way! I would recommend him to friends and family, and plan on sending my fiance in to get fitted by him.Again, we appreciate the help!Kaley German

I wanted to compliment you on your skill not only as a club-fitter but also for your incredible customer service. I truly hope that Miles of Golf understands what an asset you are to their business. I would refer anyone to you for club-fitting.
You have certainly look forward to working with you in the future.
Kind regards,
Scott G.

So I finally decided to take the leap and invest in a part of the game many old guys seem to neglect. I had a putter fitting with Ken and I really believe it to be the best investment golf wise I’ve made in quite some time. Once Ken took a look at my stroke, he started to make suggestions. The TaylorMade Spider FCG felt the best and a couple of lie tweaks by Ken made it feel even better. Since then my basement practice has been better than ever and the indoor facility at my local muni proved it was done right. Really looking forward to the start of the season.
Joe Elden
Southgate, MI

I was fitted for a driver on 1/14/2021, Justin Pahl was my fitter. He did a fantastic job and was wonderful to work with. I was fitted in 2015 for iron with Brent and loved the experience, this one was just as good. Keep up the good work this is my only place to buy clubs. Thanks for the wonderful work you do there.
Tom Grandmaison

Hi Brent
I just tried to call you but the front desk indicated it would be better to communicate via e-mail.  I wanted to directly provide you my feedback about my driver fitting experience yesterday (12-14-20 @ 9:00 am) with Justin Pahl.  Overall, the experience was awesome!!  Justin was so personable and knowledgeable throughout the whole fitting process.  He made me feel extremely comfortable and explained all of the information in an easily understandable manner.  I thought I’d be nervous driving in front of Justin but he made me so relaxed.  I feel very confident that the final driver I selected and bought will help me greatly going forward.
FYI, I was recommended to Miles of Golf by a friend from church who also had Justin for his driver fitting (he also bought a new driver).  I will also recommend Miles of Golf and especially Justin to my golfing friends.  I’m looking forward to getting my new driver in the weeks ahead and improving my golf game….and enjoying the game even more than I do now.
Tom Yoder


The only upside to the virus is that there are fewer things to do and I’ve been playing more golf. I hope business has returned for you.I helped a bit today and upgraded my irons. Your competitor had an advertisement that if your irons are old enough to vote, you might need new ones. I realized mine were closing in on voting eligibility, but of course I came to Miles of Golf.The real purpose of my message is to let you know how much I enjoyed my fitting with Connor Dillon. He did an excellent job explaining everything to me in terms I understood. As an engineer, I ask a lot of questions…it is what we do. He always had an answer and was patient with all of my questions. He did a perfect job of giving me a several options, answering my questions, but not overloading me. He clearly knew exactly what he was doing and was fun to work with.I am always amazed at how many good people you have employed at Miles of Golf. If any of them wish to practice civil engineering, please let me know.As always, thank you.Brian Rubel

I had a driver fitting today with Justin Pahl and is by far the best golf experience I ever had. Even though there really was not much we could do or suggest given the data produced, I learned so much. Even with my best swing and straightest ball I was still pushing almost 3900 spin and up to 6k on worst it balls. ( Ok, it’s time for me to realize my swing stinks no matter what i tell myself). Trying 3-4 different clubs he suggested showed a improvement in straighter hits, but only about 10 yards improvement in distance with club speeds being the same and spin reduces by over 1000 many if the times. He was patient and took time to explain little things and make suggestions to possibly help reduce the spin, but in not sure how much it will help given my physical issues and limitations but I am willing to try them out tomorrow. But he took the time to explain and suggest that I believe went further than a driver fitting, plus the fact he knew beforehand I was on a limited budget since I am on disability. Most of my past experiences have been at Carl’s because I believed the hype. But I always had the feeling that they were more about grab the money and move to the next person. They were helpful but always had the feeling that once they knew my budget, they were looking for reasons to get away fast and find a bigger spender. Since my experience today, i can say just that about Carl’s, a lot of hype which does not match their service. I cannot properly explain the quality, professionalism and spot on evaluations/suggestions Justin provided. It was something I never experienced in a golf store/business ever before. I live almost an hour away but from now on, if I need something, I will make the trip over. I use to run my own business for over 20 years and I know great employees and customer service and my experience with Justin was exceptional. I just wanted to make sure I told you about it and gave proper credit and acknowledge to him and the services he provided.

Thank You, Mark Depa

Hello BrentI was fitted last week by Nate and I had to reach out and say it was an awesome experience. He was extremely thorough and quickly identified what irons were going to maximize my swing. In addition to getting the best equipment for my game Nate did a great job of explaining why, which is the part that I really appreciated. I went thru the fitting process at other places but after the fitting with Nate I will only go to Miles and specifically him.  Have a good dayZach Camps


I’ve been a customer of MOG and Kendall Academy for years. Love your platform and your staff. Wanted to send a special recognition to/about Nate Lammers who is such the embodiment of great customer service and knowledge.Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays.Regards,
Jeffrey Evans


Thanks again for your club fitting expertise. Have played a number of rounds with the new clubs and they fit the purpose perfectly. Your insight into using a Heavenwood and an 11 wood to fill my gaps shows your true knowledge of club fitting.That stuff doesn’t come off the rack at a shop.Jim Babel

Had an “Iron Fitting” with Ken today and really enjoyed the process!  I not only bought irons, but also hybrids & driver!  Ken was very laid back, friendly & knew his stuff!  Thank you Ken & Miles of Golf!  I also purchased “The Fall Lessons Special” (3 for 5) & am looking forward to meeting Michael Dutro, who my friend John Cox recommended!   I’ve seen the improvement in John’s game weekly since he has been getting lessons from Michael!

Thank you, Danny Waltke (in Canton, MI)


I want to say thank you for helping fit me with new irons and a driver. You were both friendly and professional in helping me get fitted. I felt as though you really cared that I was getting the right clubs for me! I would definitely recommend Miles of Golf to my friends and have them ask for you personally!!!!!Have a Great Summer,Matt Armstrong

I just wanted to pass along my thanks and appreciation for the outstanding club fitting Ken Johns provided me today.  He was a really knowledgeable, helpful, and professional guy and his easy demeanor put me right at ease.  I will be recommending Ken and Miles of Golf to my friends.  You have a customer and advocate for life because of his wonderful service.

Dave Perczak

I would just like to say thanks for making my weekend MAXX fitting one to remember. Not only was it more informative then I thought possible, but it was a fun way to learn how shafts and clubs differ. This is really the only way to get fitted for irons. I kinda thought all this stuff was the same. Go to a golf shop, grab a set of clubs, head to the links. When your store bought clubs don’t work right, you change your swing, or the clubs were not the right ones. WAY wrong. Having Nate show me my swing plane, ball speed, etc, it was eye opening for sure. I mean the guy even offered me a beer. So long story short I must have tried six to ten club heads, multiple shafts and lengths, he finally got me dialed in. If anyone out there takes one thing from this review I hope its this. Be ready to swing, swing and swing some more. I am still sore today. I think the pain is well worth the gain. I cant wait to hit my new clubs. I will be back for the same action for a driver in the near future…like when my irons come in. See you guys soon.

Thanks againDon Riley

Hi Chris,

My daughter and I have had the pleasure of working with Brent on three occasions since March.  My daughter plays college golf at the University of Delaware.  Brent has evaluated her for irons, wedges and a driver.  His expertise and level of customer service is second to none!  I suspect you already know you have an exceptional member of your team with Brent, but since our experience has been what we would consider exceptional, I wanted to personally let you know.Take care,Doug Greulich


Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your help in improving my game. So far I have dropped my handicap 2 strokes to 14.8 and I have putted for more birdies than ever (need to make a few more of those putts) . Just a couple shots I want to mention was playing Firestone country club, first hole 400 yard par 4 split the fairway with a 270 yard drive missed the birdie putt but shot 87 for the day 41 on the front. Playing Wabeek country club in a GAM event 318 yard par 4 eleventh hit my 3 metal 288 yards missed the birdie putt shot 89 and in my league was 210 out on a par 5 hit my 2 hybrid on the green and 2 putted for birdie. I have always enjoyed playing but it is much more fun now that the gaps in my game have been filled. Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!
Robert Laurinec

Nate,Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your incredible service today.  I am disappointed that I was not able to swing better during my fitting today but I am thankful that you were honest in your assessment and recommended that I try coming back.  Its not often that somebody will wait to make a sale and for that you have certainly earned my business for as long as I am a golfer.  I will be in contact soon to come back and see if I can put together some better swings for an accurate driver fitting.  Thanks again for your incredible service and I will be back in touch with you soon.Rob Harris

Hi, I wanted to let you know the great experience I had today at Miles of Golf. I am a mid handicap player who loves to golf. I am not an excellent player but that does not reduce my passion or enjoyment of the sport. I decided to rework my clubs and chose to begin with the driver.I made an appointment with Bryan Carpenter for a club fitting today. Wow! I was blown away by the experience. Bryan spent time, gave his energy and provided wisdom in my choice of a new club. Bryan listened to me. He did not push or pressure me into a decision. I eventually chose Callaway’s Great Big Bertha. I am very happy with my choice!I live in Rochester Hills. I drove past numerous golf stores to get to Miles of Golf. I am happy I did. I do not think I would have received the assistance I got anywhere else. I plan to come back soon to round out my set.Thank you!
John Dziuba


Thank you for your time and patience this last week with my Full Bag Fitting – MAXX. The golf improvement with just the wedges and fairway woods was amazing. Best experience I could have done for golf and I will definitely be referring Miles of Golf and you. I cannot wait to get my new driver and irons.

Thank you again,


I have to say one last thank you!  My last 8 rounds are with all of my new equipment. I have reduced my index from 11.8 to 6.5. I’m sure I can get that close to 5. Amazing.
Thanks again,

Hello my name is Giovanni Longo ,I came in last Friday at 3:30 PM to have my Taylor-Made driver tuned and have my irons checked for lie angle .Club fitter Ryan was tending to me and whilst I was hitting he commented that part of my problem that I was experiencing could be attributed to the shoes that I was wearing .for the past three years I have been wearing some tennis shoe type soft spike that don’t offer much support .to make a long story short I bought a pair of Adidas 360 came home Sunday, I live in the Boyne area went to my golf course and shot my best round of the year 73 and I have to say as good a job as he did with my driver which I hit exceptionally well the shoes were the biggest benefit .I could not believe the difference in my ball striking ,I seemed to be back to my normal self I think the young man got it right and I couldn’t be happier with my experience . I mean he fitted me for shoes I didn’t know that was part of the deal he should be commended for his keen Intuition thank you very much.

I am writing to thank you for the excellent professional service you provided me for my driver fitting last week on April 25th.  You were meticulous in your evaluation of my swing, stance, etc. and provided me the opportunity to try multiple drivers, sharing with me the effects on head speed, ball speed, spins, launch angles, carry, shaft length, driver head contact, etc.  I asked you for comment regarding my set-up and you suggested closing my shoulder position which had major positive effects. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call 1 week later from Mile of Golf that my driver had arrived and I used my driver the next day in my golf league, driving the best I can remember in years, long and straight for me.  I had the longest drives of any in my foursome that day.

I thank you again for a terrific club fitting experience and I would enthusiastically recommend you to my friends who could use your services. Best wishes to you at Miles of Golf and I look forward to our paths crossing again sometime.

In December, you fitted me for a Cobra King LTD driver and I have to let you know how pleased I am with this new driver. I was not hitting the ball particularly well on the day of the fitting but you were able to get enough data to make a near perfect fit. I have been in Florida since late December and have played several rounds and with this driver I have been able to keep my drivers on the short grass on a regular basis. My first nine holes with the driver was a two under 34 and an eighteen-hole score of 74. Needles to say, my playing partners are envious (I told them where they could find you).

Thanks for the great job of fitting this driver, it is one of the best golf equipment decisions I have made.

Don Mathis


Hope is well with you. I have been loving the putter you fit me for a couple weeks back. Rolling it beautifully!! Hopefully the cold holds off long enough for us to get some Fall Golf in. I would like to set up a time to come down and do an entire bag fitting with you. I have been fit for all my clubs but with limited technology. I think I hit my irons too high and I am getting way to much spin with my driver. I would likely purchase most clubs from Bucks Run but will do a few from you guys. Really enjoyed the putter fitting experience and look forward to meeting up to do the rest of the bag. Let me know when you can get me in.


Kyle L. White


I have been working with Bryan for a couple of years now. Recently, purchased new set of Callaway XR irons. Had always hit Pings, but the fitting was flat “outstanding” and he obviously did a great job.

I decided to look at ordering a 5 iron, because I simply hit my new 6 better than my hybrid. So I dropped him a quick email late yesterday. He called this morning a little after 10 and we got the order completed.

Great young man, and a pleasure to do business with. Frequently, we only send notes because of problems, and do not recognize the dedicated hard working people like Bryan.


Bob Frasier


Thank you so much for the amazing fitting Saturday and also staying a little later. My wife and I really appreciated your help and expertise.

Adam Parker


I really enjoyed the SAM putt lab and appreciate the fitting. I have been to your shop in Fairfield several times and have used the range as well (especially in colder weather). You guys have a great thing going on there, keep it up.


I want to thank all of you for the professionalism, patience, knowledge, and expertise you have demonstrated repeatedly in dealing with me! Having been in the education business my whole career, I know how seldom a “thank you/job well done” compliment comes your way particularly when totally deserved! I always preached giving praise deservedly and when due! ” Everyone always remembers when given a Thank You when deserved as when deserved and not given!” I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your service(s); it has been a real pleasure working with you and look forward to more of the same in the future!


Hey Doug,

Just wanted to let you know I had a blast and found it was definitely worth it. I’ve been practicing a lot the last week and a half with what you’ve showed me and I’ve seen results in no time. I broke 80 for the first time ever on Thursday at Elks run…. from the tips. I followed it up with 76 today at legendary run. Feels good to be throwing darts at greens now. The spin I’m getting on my wedges now is unreal. Thanks again…. I plan on seeing you again in the near future.


Team Titleist Post;

Dave D replied to Re: 710 vs. 714 model AP2 Irons in Club Fitting.

I play 712 AP1 irons fitted at Miles of Golf. I recently moved to the Chicago area and when I get fitted for my new 714 irons I will hop on I-80 East (tollway) to the US 23 exit and head north to MOG. Their expertise and facility are second to none. Suggest you do the same. Dave D.


Thank you for the great evening you & your staff provided for Women’s Night. It was obvious that a lot of time & effort went into the planning. It was very enjoyable & helpful. Please extend my thank you to your staff. I would also like to mention how much I have enjoyed doing business with Miles of Golf in the last number of years. I now find it hard to believe there was actually a time I dreaded going into Miles. (I would only go in if I could not find a golf gift elsewhere. Then one day I was greeted & assisted like my business was wanted.) Your staff is now consistently welcoming & very helpful. Once again, thank you.

Tindy MacBain.

Team Titleist Post:

Thanks so much for the info. It’s very helpful. Now to find a reliable fitter in my area who can fit me into a proper shaft. It’s hard to find a fitter who has a launch monitor or Trackman, let alone who knows how to interpret the data anymore than I do. It’s been hard to find a facility with good fitting capability in the Middlebury/Elkhart/South Bend Indiana area. I guess I’m spoiled from the last several times I was fitted at Miles of Golf in Ypsilanti when I worked in Ann Arbor, MI. I’ve since retired and moved back to Middlebury. Are you aware of anyone in my area with a good track record? Thanks for your help, Ted

Ken, I would like to thank you for your time and expertise on Saturday and getting me fit into the yet to be released Newport Dual Balance. Thanks. Scott Bergman

Hello Shawn;

Just a few words of appreciation for your help this afternoon fitting me for the new Callaway driver. I really like the fact that we focused on the data instead of the brand. It was refreshing working with someone who was very knowledgeable about his profession. You do good work! I am very confident in the purchase and know it will deliver the desired results. Thanks again.


Miles of Golf – Thank you for having such a wonderful facility, and staff…
This past Friday my son, Trent, was in for a club fitting. He purchased a driver, two wedges and a putter. We wanted to let you know how happy Trent is with his new clubs. Please let Mike know how much we appreciate all his knowledge. We golfed 9 holes yesterday and Trent loved all of his new clubs.

Mr. Mile,

My name is Mark MacDonald and I am a senior at Miami University. I am fortunate enough to be on the golf team here as well, and I have been going to your new location to practice near Cincinnati. Even though it’s 40 minutes from campus, it has been well worth the time and effort to get there a few times a week (especially with the weather this winter). I wanted to let you know how great the facility is and more importantly how accommodating and generous your staff has been. They have all been very helpful and kind.

I have to say, it’s about time that there is a fitting center of this caliber in this part of the country. I have been to Hot Stix and Cool Clubs in Scottsdale before it’s great to have something like that here. I will without a doubt refer everyone I know who is in the market for new equipment to your facility.

Again, I just wanted to let you know how great your staff is doing, and how nice it’s been to practice there.


My Driver Fitting experience in Cincinnati with Derek Skidmore was outstanding. I started out thinking I should focus on the shaft more than anything else. Once I was exposed to the “Cluboratory” and the variety of clubs available for fitting I decided on a new club. My goal was to improve distance and accuracy with a new driver…any driver. I hit six of the newest drivers from the 2014 Golf Digest Hot List with various lofts and shafts. About 90 swings in all. I did not want to judge any club until the data was available from the Trackman. This was all compared to my current driver. In the end the DATA provided the best overall match to swing capabilities to show the best overall performance. I was tired by the end but I feel much better about buying the Taylormade Jetspeed than any driver I have ever purchased in the past. Now if the Cincinnati weather begins cooperating I will put this club to the real test.

Derek was very patient and supportive throughout the process of my fitting. I have to say that Derek helped make the process fun and interesting.

Bud Irvin


Just a note to again thank you for all your help and the marvelous job this past weekend. Andy Horn (the golf pro from Kings Island) called me Sunday morning to talk about his experience and was just as excited about his son’s experience as he was his own and couldn’t say enough about your knowledge and professionalism. Also the UC golf team girls all called their coach and also couldn’t say enough good things about their experience and I would anticipate having the entire team to book times the next time your in town (paying customers}. They all look forward to receiving your e-mail and your comments. We have working with the Tomi system that Pete has here so I would like to call you when its convenient with a few questions. It has been a pleasure (for such a short period of time) to work with such a knowledgeable and professional group of men both here and Ann Arbor and I expect great thing to happen here because of that.

Again Thank ‘s So Much


Hi Shawn,

I’m the customer you fitted for a Cobra ZL Encore driver that needed the 3 gram weight (white head with the black demo shaft you traded to me for the white shaft). Just wanted to let you know I am extremely happy with the new driver. When I swing within myself, I hit it slightly straighter and up to 30 yards longer than my old Taylormade 2007 Burner! I didn’t expect to get as much extra yardage based on the fitting numbers (10 to 15 yards) but since I have played the same course at least 50 times in the last two years, I know I’m hitting to yardages under the same conditions that I have never seen. For instance, today with normal conditions, I hit a few drives that were 270 to 280. The one 280 was into a slight breeze with a very slight downhill fairway. I’m not sure what kind of swing speed can generate those kind of numbers (probably 230 to 240 carry), but I know that the driver is hotter than what I could have imagined.

Thanks for all your help. If in the future, you end up at an equipment company and engineer a driver better than this one, let me know. I will probably buy it!

Sincerely, Dave Hersh

Hi Doug;

Thanks! I will enjoy what little is left of the Fall season.

I also want to say how happy I am with the clubs (XHot Irons, and G25 driver) I purchased from MOG. I really enjoyed the club-fitting experience and especially liked the extra distance and the small but real drop in my average score!!

Best regards,

Hi Ken,

Thank you for sending the results of my putter fitting. I really appreciate the time you took with me and the instruction you gave. Getting my hands forward into the proper position and keeping them there throughout the stroke are things I would not have done on my own. After we finished I went over to the Lakes of Taylor putting green to try things out. I putted really good for the first time in years! The ball was coming off the face very smoothly; I made a lot of putts and was very close on most of the others. No more bouncing putts! I can’t wait to play this weekend.

Thanks again for a great experience and helping me on the road to better putting.

Carl Willrich

Hi Bryan,

I just want to say thank you again for all your help sizing me for my new sticks. Its just over a month now and I have been consistently hitting low rounds with my personal best round coming on Sunday. (72) I absolutely love my new clubs. I have been and will continue to recommend Mile of Golf and yourself. Thanks again.

Scott Chrzanowski


Was just reading the MOG Times in my e-mail and saw the articles about buying clubs now and Frank McAuliffe. Wanted to say that Frank did a great job fitting me for a new driver (Adams Speedline LS). It was not even on my radar when I started the fitting process, but the numbers were by far the best. So far this year, John Richart has been beating me on a fairly consistent basis (though that is about the change), but at least now I am hitting my driver as far as him. Also wanted to thank Shawn, who did a great job fitting me for a set of Mizuno T-4 wedges. Decided to finally go high tech after my old Wilson Staff sand wedge was stolen in Ireland, and am seeing the difference new clubs can make.

Dave Kempner

Ken, I wanted to thank you again for time and evaluation of my putter and putting stroke. I was preaching all day Sunday to my crew about Miles of Golf. I am no longer a “Carls Gofland” advocate. I will be on the market for a driver next season and I will contact you for a custom fitting. Thanks again for your time, feedback, and attention to detail.

Sincerely, Nick Evanoff


I want you to know your putting fitting session was the best $100.00 I ever spent! The scores in the 90’s are in the rear view mirror…I will let you know when I see my first 70 something

Thanks again, Murray

Hello Ken;

At the end of my putter fitting with you in March, you asked for feedback in a couple of months. The Odyssey Versa 2 ball putter I left with, is without a doubt, the best putter I’ve ever used. My playing companions have also noticed the difference it has made in my game. In my league I have lowered my handicap 3 strokes so far this year, mostly on the greens.

Thanks for the excellent service, fitting, and recommendation.

John Phillipich


5 Birdies on Sunday! 2-3-3-2 on my other 4 rounds with the new irons and I still haven’t got distances down. Won’t be a 10 handicap for long. I can’t thank you enough for talking me out of game improvement irons. The biggest difference with the Callaway X-Forged vs. the Ping i15’s that I used for the last three years, is that the good swings are much more accurate. Bad swings are still bad. I tried to hit greens with the Ping’s. I aim at pins with the Callaway’s. I think the heavier swing weight has helped with my tempo. That was not anything that I had anticipated. But I think the real change is that this is a more accurate head and more importantly, flighting the ball down has tremendously reduced wind error.

Thanks again. Looking forward to updating other parts of the bag in the future with you.

Dan Carroll

Hey Ken. I want to thank you so much for the help. Rounds one and two are played and I could not be any happier with my new clubs. Was able to swing less, work on consistency, dropped about 9 stokes so far, compared to last year. Minus a nasty snowman on a par 4, my second round would have been only a 4 over. I moved back a tee box from last year. I can not wait to see what the end of the season scores will be. Thanks again for all your help.
For anyone that reads this, I totally recommend the Miles of Golf Staff.

Thanks again,
James McVey

Hi Bryan. I hope all is going well with you. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly with the driver specs. I appreciate your help. If I need anything in the future I will be coming to you because if your excellent customer service and knowledge of the game of golf and your expertise in club fitting. I’ve had a great experience with you and Miles over the past year and I look forward to continuing our business relationship. Thank you again for all your help. Take care Bryan!

Kevin Kelchner, Jr.
NGA Tour Member

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the great putter fitting on Tuesday (2 pm). It was a very good learning experience and the data on my stroke was invaluable. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and I appreciated your professionalism throughout the process. I thought for sure, you would try to sell me a certain brand of putter, but that was not the case at all. Your goal was to find the best fit possible which I appreciated it!

When you get a chance, can you please e-mail me my analysis data?

Also, was Bettinardi able to customize the BB54 for lie and loft like you wanted? I know we were shooting for lower loft and an upright lie. What specs were they able to meet? I want to make sure they send the correct putter.

Again, I appreciate the help and the information.

Best Regards,
Jason Slade


Played indoor at Tee Box on Sunday..

Hit 10 of 14 fairways. The 4 I missed, I missed by literally inches!

251 average drive, 277 longest in fairway.

Typically been at 104 all winter there. Sunday’s score was 84 at Firestone. Holy Crap!!!

Thanks a million for taking the time to get me into that perfect fit R1 and again for last year’s fitting of the R11 irons! You Rock

A round of golf this summer is on me! Let me know when you want to go out and I’m buying!!!

Sam Fauser


Nice to be retired, played today and with the information and new putter I was very pleased with the results. Little windy and wet but managed my best putting performance of the year. Even the putts that missed were short but dead center. Only had one poor stroke which a putter can not fix.

Working on the alignment issue with a overhead string on carpet in basement. Thanks for your, I order couple of 6oz TaylorMade weights that should be here on Thursday.

The R1 is a driving machine and this putter has an excellent feel, and I stroke it well.

Bob Frasier

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I was with the fitting that Bryan did for me today. His information was right on and he let me ask whatever I needed to. He asked me several times if there was anything else that I needed or he could do for me. In this day and age of customer service he scored an ace! I have been in the customer service area for alot of years and have been quite successful at it so I know what it takes to make someone happy. With so many choices out there to spend your dollars you can bet that Miles of Golf will get mine. Please let him know that I was beyond a satisfied customer!!

Tony Walters

Hi Shawn….

Thank you for the best experience in golf I have ever had. You did an excellent job. I can look forward to a game of improved golf in the years to come.

Dan Grandmaison

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for asking for feedback. I have nothing but praise for Miles of Golf and their staff. First of all – YOU!!! You are an inspiration!!! Not just to me, but to every woman (don’t know any men) that has taken a lesson from you. I love your approach. Working with the person and not trying to do a complete alteration (especially at this age!!). I took my first lesson with you at age 60 and I am still so excited after one year!! I am golfing at least 4 times a week and having so much fun and using my new set of clubs (got them 3 days ago!!). Kenny was very helpful in fitting me for my new clubs and I think he helped me make all of the correct choices. Thanks to everyone at Miles of Golf – I appreciate the opportunity to have such a wonderful resource in my backyard.

Susan Galardi

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for an excellent experience on Sunday during my fitting. Ken did a great job properly fitting me to a great putter and showing me how Miles of Golf is the leader when it comes to a proper fitting. Your facility and was top notch. It meet and exceeded my expectations from what my friends have told me. I will be back next year to get my driver and be passing the word along as well to anyone who is in the market to get proper fitting. BTW can you please have Ken email me my report from Sundays for my records.

Thanks again. John Murphy

For several years now, the facilities and staff at Miles of Golf have helped our men’s golf team at the University of Michigan in several ways. We’ve utilized the winter practice facilities to prepare for early spring competition, relied on the staff’s knowledge of and recommendations for important products and equipment, counted on their dependable club repair services, and trusted their nationally-recognized club fitters to evaluate our players for the best possible set makeup. They have been instrumental in our team and individual success –including two top-10 finishes at the NCAA Championship in the past three years.

Miles has separated itself as a leader in promoting, supporting, understanding, and teaching golf in Southeast Michigan and we’re lucky to have them as a team partner. I recommend Miles of Golf to my fellow coaches and am happy to discuss our team experiences.

Chris Whitten
Head Men’s Golf Coach
University of Michigan

Just a short note to say how much I appreciate the people at Miles of Golf. When I have questions about equipment and other golf related items, the staff has always treated me (a senior golfer) as an important customer and demonstrated a sincere interest in helping me get the equipment I need. Keep up the good work as I enjoy shopping in your store and taking advantage of your many services. I really regret that I did not start playing golf until I was 63 as I continue to discovered what a great game it is.

Tim Bortles


I want to thank you for setting up my club fitting with Alan Dante. He was a great! Alan was very knowledgeable and easy to talk too. I was amazed that Alan was building clubs that might fit my swing/game right there in front of me and I was able to use them and get the feedback right away. The club and shaft selections seemed endless. I feel like I have thrown my money away in the past on clubs that didn’t fit me or my game. I will never buy another club without getting fit for them first again. I can’t wait to get my new clubs and get out on the course. Thanks again.

Velko Severkoski

Thanks Alan, you did a great job,I think you guys should put an ad in the windsor star in the spring and fall to advertise your sevices and the trackman hi tech state of the art ball flight and shaft analyzer , for the golfer who wants the same launch angle ,spin rate analysis,and landing angles of the pros, and the true visual ball flight all at the same time.There are 220,000 people in windsor and 300,000 in essex county who do not have these state of the art golf facts available for all major manufacturers at their fingertips. You may wish to advertise in the clubhouses of our best private clubs essex g&cc,beach grove golf &cc,and ambassador…..warmest regards

Tom Reiha

Hi Bryan, Wow !!! I will be telling all my friends, family or anyone
else that plays golf, that the way to go is to get fitted for clubs,
especially the driver. I didn’t miss a fairway and my drives were 30 –
40 yards longer than my buddies who were out driving me just a few
weeks ago. It took a few holes before they realized I had a new driver. Then came all the questions. Played Pierce Lake. Shot 77 from the gold tees. Thanks for all your help !!! I’m off to the short range area….

Rick Morford St. Clair Shores, MI

Hello Alan,

Thank you for taking so much time to fit me with a new driver, your knowledge, and especially you patience level, are great. Additionally I extend great appreciation for the courtesy you extended to Ron, the cancer patient who accompanied me. While he left Miles of Golf impressed with the facility, the treatment he received from you and those he encountered in the showroom was the main topic of conversation on our way home. I’m sure that once he has completed his treatment and regained his strength, you will see both he and his son for a fitting.

I’m hoping to get there in a couple of weeks to try again to get fitted for the fairway metals, I just ran out of gas Thursday.

Again, thank you.
John Phillipich

I love Miles of Golf! With my lessons from Sandy Wagner, my club fitting with Ken Johns and my new Cobra 5W, I was able to get a hole in 1 yesterday!!!

Thanks again!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff that helped me, but especially Jim who fitted me with my new Adams V3 Tech irons. I love them. They look great! But, most importantly, I’m hitting good shots with them. And, also a big thanks to Ken who did a putter fitting with me and helped me pick out a new Ghost putter. Putting has improved and I have confidence that I have the right putter for me. Thanks again to all! You’re the best!

Yesterday @ your shop, I purchased the $400 Trackman/Players’ Club “special” for Mason for a Xmas present. I never in my life have received a Xmas present that spectacular, that’s for sure. Thank you for offering this. Mason hadn’t spent any time on Trackman, but Brent set him up yesterday w/ passwords, etc. and Mason loved it. Might be the perfect tool at this point for the effort Mason is putting in to improve his game. Also, another big, heartfelt thank you. My son Graham wanted to go to the EMU basketball game yesterday. On the way to the game, I remembered you, a couple of years ago now, generously offering me a fistful of EMU basketball tickets which I was unable to use at the time. I called MOG yesterday, Brent answered the phone, and he said there were all sorts of EMU hoops tickets behind the counter and to come in and grab two, which Graham and I did.

Thank you so much.

My 3+ decade career working @ Borders Corporate HQ instilled in me the power of supreme customer service (though Borders no longer possesses that commitment, unfortunately). One reason I’ve always felt so comfortable @ MOG and been proud to see Mason grow up there in many ways is MOG’s deep-rooted commitment and comfort in providing top-drawer customer service. I credit you w/ an important piece of that ambiance, commitment.

Thanks again for all, Doug.
Best, Robin Wagner

I would like to thank the staff at MOG for all their assistance this past weekend. I have been coming out to Ypsilanti from Central Pa. for the last 14 years to visit my daughter and did not realize how much technology and professional knowledge was available at your shop. On Sunday, I was fitted to a driver by Alan and according to Trackman, I was able to pick up 20 yds of carry and 20 yds of roll. I took the driver out in the real world last night, at my home course here in Central Pennsylvania (Emporium Country Club) and except for a few mistakes by the dumb end (myself) of the club, I could not be happier. I have never been fitted for a driver before and I see what a huge difference it can make and I was most impressed by how accurate of a decision Alan had made picking out a driver (R9 SuperDeep) just by watching my ball flight. Once on the launch monitor, only one more adjustment needed to be made. I will be making the 5 hour drive shortly to have my 3 and 5 woods fitted to my swing and possibly a couple of hybrids.

Best regards,
Stan Gralak

I have twin 14 year old boys who just received their Titleist 910D3 drivers. We were fit on the Trackman in Ann Arbor, MI. What a great experience. Each son spent an hour on the Trackman trying different shafts and settings to see what worked best for them. When the fitting was complete, our curiousity was peaked as we waited for the driver. The following were the specs for each son:

Setting was 8.5 910D3, A-1 (neutral) Project X – 7C3, 73G-6.0 Tip-Stiff

Setting was 9.5 910D3, B-1 (a bit closed) Diamana 65 Mid Stiff

While they are twins, each swing and style are totally different. My hat is off to Brent Norton who did our fitting. Not only does it appear the selected shafts are correct for each player, I find it amazing that the face settings that were defined during the fitting were so accurate. Especially the setting of B-1, that son’s ball trajectory started a bit more right than his R-9. Biggest difference I see is that Titleist Drivers are about a half of a degree open where most other drivers are biased to the closed side. When Brent adjusted the face, the direction off the Tee was exactly where he aimed with a slight draw and he did it over and over. The other son has been playing Titleist since he was first fit. He is replacing a 909D3 which he hit incredeibly well with the 910D3.

I am extremely pleased with Titleist equipment and golf balls. One son has played Titleist equipment for the past 3 years and is ranked 25th in the class of 2014 by Junior Golf Scoreboard. The other is ranked quite high as well and is now converting to Titleist equipment. I was a big TM fan. I let my kids select what equipment they wanted. I am now a HUGE Titleist fan and wherever golf takes my sons, you can bet Titleist will be in their bags. Please know, I am telling parents I run into about how good this experience has been.

Thanks again for a great experience.
Doug DeMarois

Brandon, thank you for the reply. What a professional you are, how lucky I am that we have connected and you are guiding me thru this process. I understand your thoughts on reshafting the r580xd, accept your recommendations and this is no longer a consideration. Next I trust your judgement regarding a second fitting, if you believe that we will not improve upon the results we have found with the Rapture driver then I will not pursue another appointment. As for the length of the shaft I think it makes sense to play the club first as you suggest and then determine what,if at all I may want to do with trimming the club 1/2 to 3/4 inches. So looking forward I will make the time to practice with the club at your office,when you are available, and use some impact tape. Then you could offer me some advice about shortening the club, if we should, and to what length. I am traveling out of town shortly and will be back Monday morning. I will plan to call you and make arrangements to purchase the club.

Thank you again for your service.

Chris, Long time since we have connected but I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful first time experience I had at your place. I went down with my dad and had a two hour fitting with Brent Norton. What a nice guy and a great experience. I must say I have had many fittings in my life including Hot Stix and Cool Clubs and I would rate my experience today as the best. I actually plan to return in early next year when Titleist has the new ultra light weight shafts available for their new drivers and fairway woods. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hope to see you back up at the Downs next year.

Take care.
Ed V.

I just want to say thanks for a great day to you and all the staff at Miles of Golf. Please pass on the appreciation from all of the class to Shawn, Ken and Pete as well. It was a great day and the students could not stop talking about it at lunch after our departure. To have the opportunity to expose them to a world class facility like Miles of Golf will prove to be invaluable to their educational experience and their future. I also want to say thank you personally for your time and continued support. I am hoping to come see you for some personal work on my own game during the week of March 15th – March 19th. As a matter of fact, I know I could come over on Tuesday March 16th any time in the morning if you can accommodate me for some time. Just let me know and I will be there.

One more time – Thanks again and I hope to possibly see you again on March 16th if you can fit me in.
Kevin Corriveau – CPGA Class A Professional


I went through the putter Maxx fitting several weeks ago and you ask me to send you an email and give you my opinion of the putter and the fitting process. I am happy to advise you that my putting has improved dramatically. I purchased the Ping D066, Redwood Series, putter and I also purchased a TaylorMade Burner driver, 3-wood and 3 utility at the same time.
I am extremely happy with everything I purchased, but the biggest improvement in my game is the putting. I now have a putter that “fits”. My putting has always been the weakest part of my game. It is now the strongest part of my game. Your instruction and visually identifying my tendencies on the analyzer made a huge difference in my approach to putting.

I can only think of one thing you might want to improve. You seemed slightly reluctant to turn the fitting into a putting “lesson”. I don’t think you should be concerned with that. The things that we talked about during the fitting helped me as much as the actual fitting. It was obvious that you have a lot to offer instruction wise. I would have been willing to pay for a lesson and the fitting. Maybe Miles of Golf should offer the fitting at one price and throw in the lesson for a slightly higher price. You spent a great deal of time with me and I truly appreciate your help and expertise. I live in Jackson, but you have gained a new customer. I have sent several people your way and they have also been happy with your shop. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!!
Chuck DeBruler

I just wanted to relate what a wonderful experience I had with
Brandon. He spent the time with me to get me the right new clubs. And
even took the time to prove to me that these were the best clubs for
me. Can’t say enough.


Brent, Yesterday, on Saturday, May 19th a gentleman named Brian Thompson came into Miles of Golf looking for new clubs. He is left handed and we were able to accomodate him in the cluboratory. Mr. Thompson told myself and Chris Dewulf that he went to two other golf stores and not a single person waited on him. He told us that he walked around store 1 for 25 minutes and no one even said hello to him. At store 2, he was just given clubs and sent to the range, and the clubs they gave him were designed to do the opposite of what he wanted. Mr. Thompson ended up placing an order with us for Nike CCI Irons and a couple of TaylorMade Draw hybrids. He wanted to commend us on the outstanding customer service, he is a customer that will definitely come back in the future. I thought you would like to know that our customer service is worlds better than our nearest competitors. If you have any questions please ask. Thanks.

Brendan Stevenson

Brandon, thank you for the reply. What a professional you are, how lucky I am that we have connected and you are guiding me thru this process. I understand your thoughts on re-shafting the r580xd, accept your recommendations and this is no longer a consideration. Next I trust your judgement regarding a second fitting, if you believe that we will not improve upon the results we have found with the Rapture driver then I will not pursue another appointment. As for the length of the shaft I think it makes sense to play the club first as you suggest and then determine what [if at all ] I may want to do with trimming the club 1/2 to 3/4 inches. So looking forward I will make the time to practice with the club at your office,when you are available, and use some impact tape. Then you could offer me some advice about shortening the club, if we should, and to what length. I am traveling out of town shortly and will be back Monday morning. I will plan to call you and make arrangements to purchase the club. Thank you again for your service.