Driver Fittings
Finding the right driver is one of the most important, yet difficult equipment decisions a player can make. A Driver Fitting focuses specifically on a player’s launch angle, spin rate and dispersion while optimizing those variables based on the player’s ability to hit the center of the club face. The ultimate goal of this fitting is to find the right combination of driver head and shaft that will deliver the best overall distance and accuracy for that player.

BASIXX$50 (30-45min)100% Refund w/purchase
MAXX$125 (60 min)$50 Refund w/purchase


Metal Wood Fittings
This fitting combines the driver fitting with selecting and fitting fairways and/or hybrids. This fitting focuses on maximizing distance with all metal woods while ensuring that there are consistent yardage gaps between all fairways and/or hybrids.

BASIXX$100 (60 min)100% Refund w/purchase
MAXX$175 (90 min)$50 Refund w/purchase


Iron Fittings
As with the driver, selecting and fitting irons requires collecting data on ball speed, launch angle and spin rate for a host of different irons. After our ball flight monitors collect this data, your club fitter will help you determine which irons perform best for you and determine their specifications. These “specs” are then forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer for construction.

BASIXX$100 (60 min)100% Refund w/purchase
MAXX$175 (90 min)$50 Refund w/purchase


Full Bag Fittings
This fitting is designed for the player who wants 13 new clubs and incorporates the elements of the Driver and Iron fitting. It excludes only the putter.

BASIXX$150 (60 min x2)100% Refund w/purchase
MAXX$225 (90 min x2)$50 Refund w/purchase


Gap Fittings
This fitting is designed for players happy with their current set of clubs but need to address how effectively the set covers different distances. Using TrackMan™, carry distances are measured to within 1 foot of every 100 yards. From this data, gaps and overlaps in the set are identified. Solutions to these distance issues are then examined and usually include bending iron lofts, replacing irons with hybrids or high lofted fairways, and bending or replacing wedges. Fees include bending clubs.

MAXX$125 (90 min)$50 Refund w/purchase


Wedge Fittings

At Miles of Golf, we believe that a correct wedge fitting is of great importance to a player’s overall scoring ability. Our wedge fittings follow the procedure created by our club fitting partner, Titleist and their FittingWorks program.  The four-step process is as follows:

1: Evaluate the player’s current wedges

2: Test sole performance and technique

3: Fit for sand wedge loft and spin

4: Fill gaps between wedges

In addition to the performance characteristics, wedge feel and aesthetics will be compared. Most wedges today are available in a variety of finishes; as such the player has many options for the exact look and feel of the wedges in his or her bag.

MAXX$100 (60 min)$25 Refund w/purchase


Putter Fittings

During a MAXX Putter fitting your tendencies (aiming, face at impact, path, overall rotation and impact location) and timing (swing durations, rhythm) are measured using SAM PuttLab, GC Quad and Quintic. We analyze your current putter and then compare it to the numbers produced using new models to determine which putters produce the best and most consistent results. This process eliminates the guesswork on loft, lie, head style and head weight. At the end of the session, you will better understand your putting  mechanics and be more confident over the ball each time you head to the golf course.

The BASIXX putter fitting utilizes the Ping putting app to determine length, lie angle, and loft. It also allows us to suggest certain styles of putters to best suit your stroke type. This process only takes a few minutes and it’s free!

BASIXXFreeWalk-In Only
MAXX$100 (60 min)$25 Refund w/purchase

Note: MAXX Putter Fittings utilize GC Quad/Quintic at our Cincinnati Location.

Please call the golf shop at 513.870.9057 to schedule any of these and to request a specific club fitter.