At Miles of Golf, we believe that a correct wedge fitting is of great importance to a player’s overall scoring ability. Our wedge fittings follow the procedure created by our club fitting partner, Titleist and their FittingWorks program. The four-step process is as follows:

  1. Evaluate the player’s current wedges
  2. Test sole performance and technique
  3. Fit for sand wedge loft and spin
  4. Fill gaps between wedges

In addition to the performance characteristics, wedge feel and aesthetics will be compared.  Many wedges today are available in a multitude of finishes; as such the player has many options for the exact look and feel of the wedges in his bag.

MAXX$100 (60 min)$25 Refund w/purchase

Please call the Golf Shop at 513.870.9057 to schedule your fitting.