Golf Simulators Closed for the Season!

Who needs winter golf in Florida or Arizona when Miles of Golf Ann Arbor has Sims and Pat’s Tavern on the Upper Deck!  Click Here for pricing information.

What are golf simulators?img_1529

They allow golfers to simulate playing a round of golf indoors. When you play simulator golf, you have a very realistic image of a golf hole on a large screen. You hit shots into the screen while a ball flight monitor very accurately determines where your ball ends up. The next screen you see is an image of the hole from the exact spot where your last shot ended up. You can play an entire round of golf on courses like Pebble Beach or the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Golf simulators are not new but the quality of the graphics and the sophistication of the monitors that position your ball on the course is amazing. In Korea, where our simulators come from, golfers play more rounds of simulator golf than rounds on a course. After a lengthy investigation of golf simulator alternatives, we have selected Golfzon Simulators, the largest golf simulator company in the world. Miles of Golf will be one of the first locations in the country to feature these amazing simulators.

Our simulators will be located above The Cluboratory on the Upper Deck. The area has been completely enclosed and insulated for the winter months creating a perfect environment for golf simulators.


As Pat’s Tavern by the Green winds down for the season, Pat’s Tavern on the Upper Deck will fire up, providing beverage service while you play simulator golf or watch your favorite sporting event on our big screen tv’s.