Miles of Golf CincinnatiMiles of Golf of Ann Arbor Michigan, one of the largest and fastest growing club fitting golf shops in the country, purchased the Fairfield Golf Center in Cincinnati Ohio in 2013. The Fairfield Golf Center was formerly a Family Golf Center location. The facility in Cincinnati is an exact replica of the Ann Arbor business. Both are 28 acre sites that include large golf shops and practice facilities with prime commercial locations.

The Mark MacDonald Golf Academy, located at Miles of Golf and Heritage Club, is passionate about helping golfers of all ability levels accomplish their dreams of playing their best golf. Whether this is a beginner or an accomplished tour professional, they have the expertise to help golfers take their game to the next level. The academy provides all-season instruction, 52 weeks per year, and coaching programs utilizing the finest golf technology, such as TrackMan.

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What attracted Miles of Golf to the Cincinnati location is the ability to take their highly successful strategy of combining club fitting, practice, instruction, and golf retail to the Cincinnati/Dayton/Northern Kentucky market.

2023 and Beyond

2023 has seen some major management changes at Miles of Golf. Former President Chris Mile has significantly reduced his responsibilities and Brent Norton is now the new president. Doug Davis, the manager of the golf ranges since the beginning in 1995, has retired. His responsibilities have been split between multiple team members while Zach Martin (purchasing manager) and Sarah Vukovich (accounting manager) continue their duties for both locations.
Here are the rest of the changes at Miles of Golf Cincinnati. Pete Smith, who has been the general manager of Cincinnati since it was purchased in 2013, continues in that role. Dave Lambarth, remains the golf shop manager while Rick Grote is now semi-retired and John Deaton is the new range manager. Chris Scherden continues as the golf entertainment manager and the Mark MacDonald Academy continues providing instruction at Miles of Golf.