The Kendall Academy Elite Junior Golf Club is designed to help competitive junior golfers take their games to new levels. The club is a year-round program geared toward highly motivated and competitive junior golfers who have the desire to compete at the highest level, locally, regionally and nationally. Membership to the club offers juniors access to programs where they will practice together in a group setting with a team of coaches with a focus on the following areas:


At the practice facilities:

Swing, short game and putting fundamentals and technique

Use of all of KA tools and technology

Drills and practice routines

Shot shaping and selection

Skill tests


On the golf course:

Game/Course management

Competition skills

Strategy, pre-shot routines, visualization

Course preparation

Problem Solving

Dealing with Success and Adversity

All Practice sessions will take place at the Kendall Academy. On-course instruction will be scheduled with a team coach outside of practice sessions.



Jim Yuhas, PGA  KA Director of Instruction

Patrick Wilkes-Krier, KA Director of Elite Junior Development

Dave Kendall, PGA  Kendall Academy Founder



Annual membership: $75

The annual membership gives you access to join the practice group sessions and schedule individual private lessons.


Practice Groups

Practice group sessions are scheduled in monthly increments. You can sign up for practice group sessions in three different ways:

All sessions: $500

  • Minimum of 8 two-hour Practice sessions per month
  • Minimum of two 9-hole On-Course Coaching sessions per month
  • 1 60-minute Private Lesson with Team Coach per month


Half of the sessions: $275

  • 4 two-hour Practice sessions per month
  • Two 9-hole On-Course Coaching sessions per month


Drop-In: $75 – Available only if spots are still available in the particular practice session.

If you are interested in the program please contact Patrick Wilkes-Krier (wilkeskrier@gmail.com, 734.417.4437) to apply for entry as spaces are limited.


Private Lessons

Dave Kendall              $115

Jim Yuhas                   $95

Patrick Wilkes-Krier    $95