The History of Pat’s Tavern by the Green

In 1837, the Carpenter family donated land to build a school just south and east of the intersection of Carpenter Road and Packard Road.  The community around the school became known as Carpenter’s Corners.  The last of three schools located at the intersection of Carpenter and Packard closed in 1952.

In 1952, a young soldier, Richard Boman, returned from the Korean War and took a job helping Casey Partridge build a driving range, executive golf course, and mini-golf course where Miles of Golf and Pat’s Tavern are currently located. Casey also owned and built Fox Hills Golf Course.  The new business was called Pat’s Par Three and opened in 1953.  The name for Pat’s Tavern by the Green reminds us of the many years people have enjoyed the foresight and work of Richard and Casey. Here’s to the two of you.

If you have any stories or pictures to share with us on the early days of Pat’s Par Three, we would love to hear and see them.  Please email us at or speak to someone at the tavern.