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Finding the Right Training Aid

People who play golf step on the first tee with skill that ranges from weekend warrior to aspiring PGA tour professional. What do all these golfers have in common? The ability to improve and play better golf. For years golf companies have been developing training aids and practice tools in the hopes of increasing every golfer’s skill level. Here are some ideas that should help you get started.

Where to Start?

The first thing to do is evaluate your game and determine where you need the most work. It might help to break it down into 3 sections: Putting / Swing Training / Speed Training. Looking at your game objectively, which category, if improved will result in lower scores and more enjoyment of the game?


If you find yourself consistently hitting more than 2 putts per hole, then a training aid revolving around putting could be the answer. Try to focus on aids that help with strike consistency and alignment. The Eyeline golf putting mirror is a great option. Pairing that with something like the PuttOut pressure putt trainer will allow you to practice a consistent set up along with getting better at controlling the putting stroke.

Swing Training

If you find that your golf swing may be the culprit leading to higher scores, take a look at some swing training aids. While it can be intimidating, you can narrow down your options by focusing on the mechanics of the swing. A couple good examples are the SwinGyde Snap Tool and Swing Easy Bands. These trainers help with proper wrist, forearm and shoulder mechanics. Pairing these with alignment sticks, to make sure you are keeping everything on target, should lead to rapid improvement.

Speed Training

Finally, every golfer wants more speed. We all want to hit bombs like the tour pro’s we see on TV. How do we achieve that? While there is no shortcut, there are plenty of aids to help us along the way. Specifically, the SuperSpeed Golf training system, which has been tested and approved by the Kendall Academy of Golf and the club fitters at Miles of Golf. Also, look at exercises using weighted balls and practicing with an Impact Bag, both are simple ways to help increase that clubhead speed.

Remember that the usefulness of all these training aids depends on the effort and time put into each of them. There is no substitute for practice and the most common flaw with using training aids is they aren’t used regularly enough. If you genuinely want to play better golf, put in the work and the results will come.

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