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Ping i230 Iron Review

The much-anticipated replacement for the PING i210 iron line is here - the new i230. While i210 was arguably one of the best irons PING has ever made - tour proven, looked and felt great while also being pretty forgiving, the i230 is an improvement on the original.

During my testing of the i230, I can happily say that this iron does not disappoint. Right off the bat, it looks great. It has a sleek top line that resembles a player's iron but still offers some forgiveness. After hitting a few shots, you immediately notice the soft feel and consistent ball flight. Off-center hits were punished with a slight loss of spin, while providing similar launch and even a few more yards of carry.

Golfers that use a player’s iron are looking for consistency above all and this club delivers!

I230 features:

Premium Sound and Feel:

A consistently more pleasing feel and sound in every iron result from a four-layer cavity badge that damps undesirable frequencies, working in concert with a soft elastomer insert behind the badge in the 431 stainless steel head.

Lower CG, Higher MOI:

Activated elastomer saves significant weight that is re-allocated to achieve a low CG for more distance and (with tungsten toe and tip weights) increase forgiveness. The elastomer reinforces the face, providing more consistent bending and energy transfer to generate a higher, stronger ball flight.

Rounded Leading Edge:

The sole design is similar to the tour-proven i210, with a more rounded lead edge and ample bounce to promote smooth turf interaction for clean, solid ball striking.

MicroMax Groves:

Precision-milled MicroMax grooves deliver consistent launch and spin for accuracy in the long irons and greater control in the short irons and wedges, especially in wet conditions where the grooves and hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish ensure low launch angles with high spin.

Compact Long Irons:

For consistent clubface delivery and greater accuracy in the long irons, the 3-5 irons are slightly more compact than i210, while the mid and short irons are similar blade lengths, creating a tour-preferred look across the set.

Consistent Gapping:

The i230 delivers predictable and repeatable distance with the control and playability to hit precise yardages, ensuring the gapping consistency expected of a players-style iron.

Below are the testing results using 7 irons with Project X LZ shafts and Callaway Chrome Soft X golf balls. As you can see, there is not much difference between the i210 and i230, which is a good thing. When it comes to a club like the i230, you don’t want to see drastic changes, simple, subtle improvements are all that is required.


Ball Speed

Launch Angle

Spin Rate
















If you are in the market for a new set of player’s irons next season, the i230 should be in the conversation. The expression “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” applies perfectly to the i230. Are the numbers between the i210 and i230 similar? Absolutely, but subtle changes were incorporated to maintain performance. With its newer, modern look and solid feel, this club will be a top performer in 2023.

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