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The Importance of Being Fit

Time for New Clubs?

Are you in the market for new golf clubs? The fact that you’re reading this means you’re halfway there. Now, how do you decide which ones to buy? The last thing you want is spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new equipment, only to find your game hasn’t improved, or even worse, actually regressed! Now imagine you could compare every club that interests you side-by-side, with assistance from a professional who can adjust and validate your decisions with real-time data and live ball flight. This could make your decision easier and ensure you don’t waste your hard-earned money. Well, that’s exactly what we do at Miles of Golf.

Navigating the Golf Club Maze

A single golf company offers multiple models of irons, woods, wedges, and putters. Multiply that by the number of golf companies and your decisions can be daunting. Golf clubs are not one size fits all. Companies research and develop their clubs for specific body types and golf swings. Whether you’re looking for more forgiveness, workability, feel, or specifically tuned ball flight, one of our professional club fitters will help guide you through the process of discovering the best clubs for you based on performance and personal preferences.

Customizing to Your Swing

Your individual stature and swing should be matched to club specifications to maximize your scoring ability. Some adjustments are more obvious than others. For example, if you are taller than average, the length and/or lie angle of your clubs may need to be adjusted. However, there are also numerous features to each club such as shaft flex, weight, ball flight profile, and materials that impact your ball striking and consistency. Even something as simple as a grip can improve your game. Every one of these features will be considered in a fitting before you make your final purchase. 

What’s in Your Bag

While determining your individual club specifications, we will also determine your full-set composition. Some players benefit from carrying fewer irons and more hybrids, while others benefit from more woods and fewer hybrids. Some players may not even need all fourteen clubs. Set composition combinations are countless and should be tailored to each player’s game just as club models and specs. By the time you finish your club fitting, you will know precisely how each purchased club will perform on the golf course. This means you’ll never have to avoid a club in your bag because it goes the same distance as another club, is unreliable, or just too difficult to hit.

Cost May Surprise You

All this sounds great but it must be expensive, right? Actually, custom fit golf clubs cost the same as stock clubs off the shelf. There are instances when custom clubs can become more expensive, such as high-end upcharge shafts or aesthetic customizations, but these are less common and something you can discuss with your fitter. Custom grips often incur a small upcharge through most manufacturers, but are less expensive than buying grips separately and having them installed later. All custom orders will incur a small shipping charge, $17.99 if we order from one manufacturer and $34.99 if we order from multiple manufacturers. Nevertheless, custom fitting may save you money due to the set composition customization discussed in the previous paragraph and you won’t have clubs in your bag you purchased but never use. 

Player Insecurities

Perhaps you’re feeling apprehensive because you’re not “good enough” to benefit from a fitting, you’re nervous about someone watching you swing, or you don’t want anyone to change the way you play the game. These are common misconceptions we strive to debunk. We strongly believe every type of player will benefit from a custom fitting. In fact, novice players usually benefit most because ill-fitting clubs can be cumbersome and difficult to use. There are many different types of players and many different types of swings. We’ve seen it all. For each player fitting, we are committed to helping you play better golf and make golf even more fun.  

Ordering Process Sets Everything in Motion

Once your fitting is complete, the ordering process begins. We have a team dedicated to ensuring your order is placed and arrives correctly; however, custom order lead times can vary depending on the manufacturer and selected components. Nevertheless, our custom order specialists and your fitter will keep you informed of your selected equipment’s delivery time so you can plan accordingly for your new golf experience.

Manufacturer’s Club Building Expertise 

Anxiously waiting for your new equipment to arrive is no fun, but allowing the manufacturer to build your clubs according to your specs maintains the manufacturer’s warranty and ensures your clubs meet the manufacturer’s standards and quality control. This also saves you money because in-house customization to pre-built equipment can be costly and sometimes impossible. There are minor modifications we can make in-house, for example with clubs that have adjustability built into their design or might need minor bending. We are happy to do that for you if it speeds the arrival of your clubs without compromising quality. 

Make Golf More Fun

Whether a scratch golfer, high handicapper, weekend warrior, or aspiring tour pro, EVERYONE can benefit from being fit. Customized equipment can help compensate for a variety of players’ tendencies and habits, make shots more ideal, and scores lower. Whether it’s one club, two clubs, or an entire set, we’ll help guide you through your purchase from start to finish and ensure you make good club selections through custom club fittings. Miles of Golf is committed to helping you find the best golf equipment for your style and swing so you play better golf and enjoy the game more. 

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