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Miles of Golf Cincinnati is a proud partner of The Mike MacDonald Golf Academy, located onsite at our practice facilities.

The Mike MacDonald Golf Academy at MOG Cincinnati

The Mark MacDonald Golf Academy, with locations at Miles of Golf and Heritage Club, is dedicated to guiding golfers across all skill levels towards achieving their ultimate golfing aspirations. With a deep-seated passion for the game, the academy embraces both novices embarking on their golf journey and seasoned tour professionals aiming to refine their skills. Their commitment is to elevate every golfer's performance, offering personalized pathways to advance to the next tier of excellence.

Operating year-round, the academy ensures that enthusiastic golfers have access to superior instruction and coaching programs every week of the year. At the heart of their teaching methodology lies the integration of cutting-edge technology, notably the TrackMan system, which provides precise analytics on ball flight and swing, allowing for highly tailored and effective improvement strategies. This blend of expert guidance, innovative technology, and a nurturing environment makes the Mark MacDonald Golf Academy a beacon for those seeking to enhance their game, promising a faster and more fulfilling journey to golf mastery.

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6400 Dixie Hwy

Fairfield, OH 45014

Our range is open from dawn to dusk most days.

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