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MAXX vs BASIXX Fitting

Miles of Golf is proud to offer two tailored fitting options designed to elevate your game. Our MAXX and BASIXX in-person fittings provide a personalized and comprehensive experience that allows our expert fitters to analyze your swing and recommend the perfect clubs for your unique needs.

Miles of Golf club fitter

Designed for the player looking for the most detailed, data-driven fitting. Each session is conducted one-on-one with our most experienced club-fitting professionals. MAXX fittings utilize TrackMan™, the pinnacle of ball flight technology, to gather swing and ball flight data. We then compare the data collected during the session to aid in making the best decisions about your equipment. The MAXX fitting includes a detailed report of all data points collected during the session. We consider the MAXX session as much a learning experience as it is a club fitting.


Fitting fees are partially refunded back toward the purchase of the equipment for which you were fit.

MAXX Fitting

Miles of Golf Cluboratory

The BASIXX fitting covers the vast majority of the golfers in the world. It is for the player who is looking for a one-on-one session with one of our professional club fitters.


Ball flight information is recorded using a Foresight GC Quad which is regarded as one of the best launch monitors in golf. A report is not included with the BASIXX fitting, but data is utilized during the session.


The entire fitting fee is credited back towards the purchase of the clubs for which you were fit.

BASIXX Fitting

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