Basixx and Maxx Fittings

Basixx Fittings

These fittings are designed for 80-90% of all players and help golfers of all levels make good decisions when purchasing golf equipment. To accomplish this, a player will go through a two-step process of testing clubs and then being fit for clubs. These fittings rely heavily on visual ball flight, providing our experienced club fitters with the information they need to produce an exceptional fit. Game Changer GC2 Launch Monitors are used at the end of the process to verify the information. Fees for our Basixx testing and fitting are refundable with the purchase of equipment. Appointments are encouraged.  Without an appointment you may be required to wait as it is first come first served.  Call 877.973.9005 (Ann Arbor) or 513.870.9057 (Cincinnati) to schdule your appointment..

Maxx Fittings

Designed for the serious player who wants the maximum in club fitting expertise and technology when making decisions about golf equipment. There are several types of Maxx fittings, all of which use the TrackMan ball flight monitors. Guiding you through the process are our most experienced club-fitting professionals. For a player to benefit from our Maxx fittings, he or she must have the skill to hit shots with relative consistency. The fees for Maxx fittings are partially refundable with the purchase of equipment. Appointments for Maxx fittings are required and can be made by calling 877.973.9005 (Ann Arbor) or 513.870.9057 (Cincinnati).