Putter Room 2015

During a Maxx Putter Fitting your tendencies (aiming, face at impact, path, overall rotation and where you hit it on the face), timing (swing durations, rhythm) and most importantly the consistencies are measured using SAM PuttLab, Quintic and GC Quad.

We analyze your current putter and then try other putters and see if we can find something that has better tendencies, timing and produces consistent results. This eliminates the guesswork on loft, lie, head style and head weight. You will better understand your mechanics and be more confident over the ball after your putter fitting.

MAXX$100 (60 min)$25 Refund w/purchase

Please call the Golf Shop at 877.973.9005 to schedule your fitting.


We also offer a Basixx Putter Fitting that is available on a walk-in only basis. The fitting utilizes the Ping putting app to determine length, lie angle, and loft. It also allows us to suggest certain styles of putters to best suit your stroke type. This process only takes a few minutes and it’s free!

Our Putter Fitting Room